Ticket Machines around Sweden


Visual Design
UX Design



We can all relate to the experience of arriving at an unfamiliar airport — feeling excited and disorientated at the same time. How do you get from the airport into the city? As a tourist without proper bearings or internet connection (data roaming), a ticket machine becomes an important option for buying tickets. How can an interface help turn an uncertain situation into a positive, fast and simple experience?

Flygbussarna Airport Coaches provide a bus service connecting main airports in Sweden with their local cities. Moreover, it’s a crucial part of getting the traveller to their destination in a convenient way. I've worked with Flygbussarna on various projects to improve their digital presence, mainly on their website. But a project that was especially intriguing for me was to develop a user interface for their new ticket machines. To start the design process, the team gathered and used data from Flygbussarna’s old ticket machines and researched successful competitors. For us, designing an interface for site-specific stationary screens in airports and central train stations accessible to a wide range of users in various languages created a unique challenge. It made us build a full scale cardboard prototype so that we could test and evaluate the user experience carefully before finalising the design.

The new ticket machines with their large touch screens are now in full operation. The first version of the custom-made interface is released in ten languages and helps customers buy their tickets in a fast, simple and smooth way. But more importantly the ticket machines have become a convenient and traveller-friendly experience helping people on their way to their destination.