HIV today is not like yesterday

HIV today is not like yesterday


Folkhälsomyndigheten / 
The Public Health Agency of Sweden

Art Direction



Living with HIV in Sweden today is not like it was yesterday. Treating HIV is now so effective that it can reduce virus levels to practically zero and minimise the risk of infection. Today, HIV is no longer a fatal disease but a chronic, treatable infection. With prompt intervention, you can expect to live for as long as you would have done without HIV.

A growing number of people in Sweden now live with HIV, yet ignorance about what this means can lead to discrimination. Because of that we needed to increase public awareness of what it is like to live with HIV in Sweden today. Together with the Public Health Agency of Sweden we made the concept "HIV today is not like yesterday", (in Swedish: "Hiv idag är inte som igår"), a national awareness campaign released in Sweden winter 2015.

The biggest challenge in this project was to make an identity that would be appreciated by everyone in the public between 18–100+ years. With vibrant colours in differents gradings, circular shapes, soft edge fonts and photos showing precious moments of relationships in everyday life we made the campaign not only show the great change the medication and treatment do for people who live with HIV in Sweden today — but also feel positive, energetic, warm and hopeful. This is a project I'm very proud to be a part of.